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Deck Plan 1192

From the Decks USA Deck Plans Series.  Features 300 SF with a diagonal flooring pattern and flared box steps.  A 20' x 10' deck that steps down to a unique lower deck.  Shown with solid board skirting.

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Deck Design 1192 - Plan View

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Deck Design 1192 - 3-D Left View     Deck Design 1192 - 3-D Right View

Deck Design 1192 - 3-D Front View

Deck Design 1192

1192 Regular & Reverse Plan Views

NOTE: All deck plans can be ordered in Reverse Mirror Image at no extra charge.

Accent your deck with Deck Accessories.  Benches, Planters, Buffets, Skirting, Privacy Fences, Gates or a Spa Support Structure.  These construction details are available individually or bound in a complete Deck Accessory Kit.  Receive a 63% Discount on a Complete Deck Accessory Kit with any deck plan purchase.  $15.00 Savings!

See our What You Receive section for details on complete deck construction packages.

How Many Sets of Deck Construction Plans do I Need?
This will depend upon a few circumstances.  If you are required to apply for a Zoning and/or Building Permits each office will need at least one set of plans.  If you are going to use a deck contractor they will need a set of prints.  If you are borrowing money to build your outdoor project many lending institutions ask for a set of prints to establish the value of the improvement.  Some communities have a subdivision review board which may want to retain a set.  Fortunately, because we include a thorough material list in each deck plan construction package, your supplier will not need a set of plans.

Because you save money on multi set discount packages, you should consider ordering all of the Additional Identical Plans and/or Construction Detail Books you'll need at purchase time.  The cost per additional deck plan sets and construction detail books decreases with every quantity level.

Use the Checklist Below to Determine the Total Number of Deck Plan Sets and Construction Detail Books You'll Need for Your Outdoor Project.

NOTE:  Every Deck Plan Order Includes: one (1) Set of Complete Deck Plans and one (1) Complete Construction Detail Book, Material Takeoff, Order List, and a Stair Guide Kit.

  Contractor or Subcontractor
  Lender or Mortgage Source
  Zoning Department
  Building Department (sometimes requires 2 sets)
  Subdivision Committee

Pricing  SAVE 33% Today!

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Complete Deck Construction Package
Includes: 1 set Non-Reproducible Plans, 25+ Construction Details, Stair Guide Kit, Order List, and Material Takeoff
DD-1192 47.95




1-Set Additional Identical Plans DD-1192-1 5.00
2-Set Additional Identical Plans DD-1192-2 8.00
3-Set Additional Identical Plans DD-1192-3 10.00
4-Set Additional Identical Plans DD-1192-4 12.00
5-Set Additional Identical Plans DD-1192-5 14.00
6-Set Additional Identical Plans DD-1192-6 15.00
Deck Accessory Kit  - SAVE $15.00   (with any deck plan purchase) DAK-1192 9.00
Deck Plan Modification DDM-1192 99.00
Toll Free Telephone Technical Support TTS-1192 25.00

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Shipping and Handling DAYS Price
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FedEx Express Saver Allow 1-3 Business Days 15.00
FedEx 2- Day Second Business Day 21.00
FedEx Standard Overnight Next Business Afternoon 26.00
FedEx Priority Overnight Next Business Morning 29.00

NOTE:  All Stock Deck Plan Orders are normally processed, printed, packaged and shipped from our complex within one (1) to two (2) business days after we receive them.  Please allow one (1) to two (2) business days, plus the number of days listed on your shipping option, for delivery.
Please read our shipping and handling options for more details, including holiday notes.

More Options you can Select when Ordering Online:

NOTE:  Add $25.00 if your deck project includes a Spa
NOTE:  Add $75.00 if your deck project includes a Trellis
NOTE:  Add $99.00 if your deck project includes a Gazebo
NOTE:  Add $149.00 if your deck project includes a Porch

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You Can Also... Modify this Plan for an Additional $99.00
Change the individual dimensions, overall Length and/or Width, go around a chimney or bay window, add stairs, move stairs, switch stair styles, substitute floating benches in certain railing sections, raise or lower the height of the deck, etc.  Make the plan fit and work perfectly in your environment at a fraction of the cost of our Custom Deck Design Service.  The Material Takeoff and Material Order List will reflect your modified deck plans. So there's no extra work or figuring for you to do after you receive your personalized Deck Plan Construction Package. 

For quality control, and to ensure customer satisfaction, you will have an opportunity to review, for your approval of the changes, preliminary drawings rendered in: a Floor Plan View, 3-D Right, 3-D Left and 3-D Front Views. Also including rendered: Right, Left and Front Elevation Views. Your seven (7) personalized preliminary drawings are usually available within 10-21 days after we receive your order.

We highly recommend the Review & Print Drawings Online Option. By selecting this feature, you'll benefit by enjoying full access to your project 24/7 from any computer anywhere in the world. Plus in real-time, with your permission, your friends, family members, and/or contractor, can also access your project at their convenience, privately, anytime from anywhere. Our system was designed, and allows for, multiple viewers to surf the same project at the same time. Allowing for telephone discussion between parties while reviewing your project. View and Print your project drawings from home or work at your leisure. 

And, if time is of the essence, a 5-10 Day RUSH SERVICE Option is now available.
Simply check the
YES choice, for the RUSH SERVICE Option, when placing your order.

NOTE:  To Order a Deck Plan Modification for this deck design: please use the "Click Here to Order a Deck Plan Modification for this Deck Plan" LINK, located here or, on the online store
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Click Here for More Information on Deck Plan Modification or for a FREE, no obligation, deck design consultation: Email us at

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